We rely of the help from volunteers and the folks below.

Ninja-IX Operations

Paul Emmons

Paul founded and implemented what is today the largest Internet Exchange in Phoenix. That led to what became Ninja-IX.  He has an extensive background in the IXP, Carrer, ILEC/CLEC, long distance, cellular, paging and wireless space. His roots go back to long distance resale. He has travel and worked internationally. He has presented and done training and panels at international events. He is the former Program Director for the Education Committee at NANOG.  He is the current co-chair of the IX committee at Open-IX.

He romanticizes about his old OC3 TDM radio for internet service to his house.  In other romantic areas, he met his wife during a consulting job in the Philippines. 

If not at an airport or datacenter he is home in Arizona.


Kate Gerry

Kate assists with the switching operations for the IX platforms. She is the Director of Global Networking of NetActuate where she oversees the management their global presence, ensuring high uptime and performance from each location. Kate brings to her role over 10 years of experience managing large-scale cloud infrastructure for a nationally-focused datacenter company, and over 15 years’ experience supporting a wide range of routing and switching platforms.

A former horse trainer, Kate is one of the few people who can claim that she has actually configured a Cisco router while on horseback. 

Kate lives in California with her chihuahua, Abby, a/k/a The Data Center Dog